Air Separation

GYMTA is mainly engaged in the design, fabrication, complete set of equipment supply, commission supervision, operator training of large, medium and small air separation plants, including Air and Natural Gas Separation plants and a variety of equipment like Gas Storage and Liquid Storage, Turbo Expanders, Heat Exchangers, Pumps, Compressor, etc. 


GYMTA is totally with capacity of below:

50~120000Nm3/h Air Separation Plants, 50~40000Nm3/h High-purity Nitrogen Air Separation Plants, 100~1000TPD Oxygen and Nitrogen Liquefaction Plants;

100t/d natural gas de-nitrification and liquefaction plant, 50×104Nm3/d ~200×104Nm3/d LNG plants;

35000~80000m3 Large-sized LNG Tank, 300~8000m3 Low Pressure Cryogenic Liquid Flat-bottom Tank 

30~480T/d Turbo expander for gas liquefaction plant,up to 10 million Nm3/d natural gas (associated gas) liquefaction & separation plants and the inlet pressure up to 10.0 MPa;
large-sized aluminum plate-fin heat exchangers with the single-core size of 10000×1450×1600mm and the design pressure of 10.0MPa;

40~7500Nm3/h Oxygen nitrogen compressor;550~1500Nm3/h Acetylene air compressor. 



                 2X52000Nm3/h Air Seperation Plant                 10000m3/h High-purity  Nitrogen   Air Seperation Plant  


    100×104Nm3/h LNG plants


                   30000m3 LNG Tank                                                  200m3 Spherical Cryogenic Liquid Tank 


93,500Nm3/h                                                            480T/d

                                Air Separation Plant                         Booster Turbo-expander                               Turbo expander for gas liquefaction plan  




         9.2MPa High-pressure                                                      100×104Nm LNG

         Main Heat Exchanger                                                     Main Heat Exchanger                  



             15×104    m3  Raw Gas  Compressor                               7000m3 Medium Pressure  

                                                                                            Nartural Gas  Compressor  

       Cryogenic Centrifugal Liquid Transfer Pump                               200KW Natural Gas 

                                                                                         Power Generation Expander Group