How SpringBox Works 


SpringBox mainly contains Filtration Device, Reverse Osmosis Device, and Mineralization Chemical Dosing device as optional based on quality requirement of product water.



Pretreatment system is used to remove impurities in raw water, which will protect the equipment’s normal operation against suspended solids, colloid, chroma, organic matter etc., and lower the chroma and turbidity. SpringBoxTM mainly adopts Sand Filter as main part of pretreatment system.
Pre-filtration system is optional part of pre-treatment. If raw water cannot reach inlet water requirement, container, Pre-filtration system is necessary to treat raw water before entering into SpringBox.


Reverse Osmosis Treatment

Reverse Osmosis System consists of pressure vessel and RO membrane. Its function is mainly realized by permselective membrane and pressure differential brought by high pressure pump.
After pressurization by high pressure pump, water treated by sand filter will enter into Reverse Osmosis Device for desalination.
The impurities (ion, organic matter, bacteria, virus etc.) entering into water will be rejected at inlet side of membrane and vented out by concentrated water pipe.



Post-treatment mainly involves remineraliztion of water. Quality of desalinated water after RO Treatment is instable with corrosivity, so remineralization is needed to improve mineral content and alkalinity of the water so that it could meet potable water standard.