Material Control


  • Sample preparation
  • Chemical testing
  • Physical testing
  • Mechanical testing
  • Metal testing


Process Supervision


We provide on-site inspection for important time nodes with accordance to QCTM and QCP, to ensure that manufacturing process can be completed timely and qualifiedly.


Quality Inspection


We perform Quality Inspection on final products before EXW. The form of Quality Inspection is divided into:

  • On-site testing
  • Witness on inspection
  • Document review


Painting Inspection


  • Testing of coat thickness, hardness, adhesion, roughness, gloss and color
  • Testing for conformity, compatibility and performance
  • Damage assessment and expertise
  • Granulometric research
  • Loss assessment and repair advice


Packing Inspection


  • Quantity
  • Packing quality
  • Fixing, waterproof & anti-collision method
  • Special protection
  • Painting & welding
  • Shipping mark
  • Transportation indicative marks
  • Lifting protection
  • Packing list
  • Documents delivered with the goods
  • Others


Pre-shipment Inspection


  • Document review
  • Visual inspection
  • Quantity inspection
  • Label/Brand inspection
  • Packing inspection


Port Loading Surveillance


  • Quantity
  • Loading documents
  • Inner & outer condition of container checking
  • General appearance of the cargo and/or packaging
  • Protection measures against natural elements
  • Loading conditions
  • Loading process supervising
  • Container sealing